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Let TCC run your theatres, so you can take care of business.

Hollywood Software – Theatre Command CenterThe Theatre Command Center (TCC) is more than an LMS — it’s the most powerful engine on the market driving productivity and efficiency across digital cinema operations. TCC connects theatres, centralizes content management and automates the transfer of features, trailers and encryption keys. TCC automates so much of the work of running a theatre that it enables staff to focus on what they do best—serving customers!

Key Features
  • Reports real-time status of shows, players and system health
  • Enables you to program all of your screens in under 15 minutes per week
    • Shows are built automatically from POS schedules
    • TCC is the only theatre management system that builds screen playlists automatically based on rules you set for trailers and ads
    • Allows for centralized title mapping at the theatre level or — when combined with Enterprise Web — circuit-wide
  • Ingests digital files via hard drive, satellite or network share
  • Automatically transfers files to proper players during off-peak time periods
  • Ensures the right players obtain the correct keys. And, when combined with Enterprise Web, automates KDM ingestion without involvement from theater staff.
  • Supports Dolby, Doremi, GDC, Qube, Sony, USL, and DigiCine media playout servers
  • Ensures proper billing and audit support with TMS and secure SMS logs
  • Saves countless hours by automating operations and reducing human error
  • Enables you to oversee your entire complex from one screen and, with the click of a mouse, troubleshoot and solve problems instantly
  • Integrates with all major POS Systems
  • Automatically cues everything so you don’t have to manually operate lights, curtains and sound
Latest Enhancements
  • Enhanced title mapping for increased number of film and sound formats
  • Integration with Barco Alchemy ICMP
  • Integration with Christie Series 3 IMB
  • Ability to insert cues into custom preshow playlists

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