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Manage, measure and improve performance across your circuit… from planning through payment

Hollywood Software – EMSNever miss a booking detail with Hollywood Software’s Exhibitor Management System (EMS). EMS provides a virtual staff of booking assistants and accountants working around the clock to consolidate POS sales data, compute film rental liabilities, manage payments and update your financial systems. EMS is a dynamic SQL database application designed to fully record, track and report on the critical details of your business.

Key Features
  • Planning, Booking and Holdovers
    • Expedites data entry with common behavior and defaults
    • Rolls up film versions (2D/3D, etc.) to a master title for gross and film rent
  • Box Office, Accruals and Settlement
    • Identifies box office audit problems systematically
    • Calculates film rental and manages accruals
    • Includes specialized functions for booking and buying agencies
  • Payment Processing
    • Creates payment requests and remittances
    • Manages on account and advance payments
    • Provides optional electronic box office reports and vouchers to distributors
  • Reporting
    • 20+ standard reports covering booking, box office, payments and analysis
    • Pre-existing optional reports available
    • Create custom reports for your circuit
  • Integrates with any POS System
  • Optimizes operations by streamlining bookings and automating payments
  • Adds knowledgeable analytics to business decisions, saving staff hours of work and helping to prevent costly mistakes
  • Includes detailed internal security and auditing
Added Value
  • Numerous booking enhancements, including calendar functionality to aid in booking non-standard engagements (non-consecutive dates, early opens, alternative content)
  • The ability to make circuit-wide updates to film terms
  • Performance enhancements
Latest Enhancements
  • Scale terms with automated adjustments
  • Ability to make circuit-wide deductions
What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Being a small, family-owned business, we are always looking for ways to streamline our processes. The features in this new version of EMS, especially the automated auditing and ability to mass update terms, are huge time-savers for our team. And whenever we have a question, the Hollywood Software team is highly responsive. The level of service under their new ownership is excellent.”
— Chris Johnson, CEO, Classic Cinemas.

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