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Monitor key issues across your circuit from anywhere, at any time via computer, tablet or mobile device.

Hollywood Software – TurnKeyTurnKey is a critical part of our Enterprise Web system, allowing even theaters with limited staff to centrally manage KDM ingestion, easily and efficiently, from a number of different device platforms.

Key Features
KDM Management
  • Ingest, match and deliver keys to devices across your circuit within minutes via online upload or delivery to a central email address.
  • Have one staff member monitor key issues across all theaters and resolve with a single action.
  • Manage your auditorium allocation per site with reports on key expiration and availability.
  • Configurable automated key requests – sent before you know they’re missing!

Keys are matched and delivered to devices automatically. Multiple points of Key Injestion via:

  • Secure FTP
  • Centralized Email Address
  • Online Upload

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To setup a demo, email us at contact sales or call us at: (818) 205-2121.

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