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Everything you need to manage the distribution and collections for your releases.

Hollywood Software – DistributorDistributor is the industry’s leading software for distribution of studio blockbusters and small independent releases to theaters. This essential system plans, negotiates, books and distributes movies, all within an easy-to-use interface. It connects seamlessly with external systems of companies you do business with like Rentrak, Technicolor, Deluxe and major exhibitors. In short, Distributor automates most of the work of releasing movies which results in reduced costs and improved operating efficiencies.

Key Features
  • Planning, booking, holdovers and settlement
  • Interfaces for shipping, grosses, bank and payment application
  • Accounting and accruals, collections and statements
  • Easy access to the application and historic data
  • Safe and secure hosted service

From individual brokers to large distributors, Distributor’s role-based security ensures chain of command integrity.

  • Highly scalable interface works for everyone
  • View details for your release in a simple-to-use interface
  • Factor revenues precisely for proper settlements
  • Build robust databases automatically from your delivery patterns
  • Generate contracts based on your history
  • Import flash from RTK and grosses directly from the exhibitors feed

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Discover what makes Distributor the software of choice for studios! To setup a demo, email us at contact sales or call us at: (818) 205-2121.

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