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Hollywood Software is the market leader in theatrical distribution and exhibition management software. We provide distributors and exhibitors of every size with the software and infrastructure necessary to manage and control end-to-end processes and equipment for digital cinema exhibition.Hollywood Software analyzes how the theatrical supply chain functions, from top to bottom, and engineers new solutions that are designed to improve the process, anticipating and addressing the complex issues that confront the industry. The result is a suite of robust and scalable applications that thoroughly manage and connect the dynamic businesses at each end of the theatrical distribution/exhibition supply chain.

Hollywood Software provides state-of-the-art tools that capture, manage, share, process, interface, compute, analyze and report the data and details you need. This transactional infrastructure creates an efficient information marketplace that facilitates the gathering and usage of valuable business data while eliminating unprofitable and time-consuming tasks. We are committed to providing the best tools and service in the ever-evolving entertainment software industry.

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