San Fernando Valley Business Journal

April 22, 2015 – Hollywood Software has acquired Digital Cinema Systems Inc., a Santa Monica firm that has developed a digital system that allows theater owners to stream multiple films simultaneously on different screens.

The Woodland Hills firm currently offers products for central servers at theaters that store digital files of movies being shown there. The acquisition adds FilmStore, a system made up of a server, a media player and software for individual screens.

“In a twenty-plex theater you cannot stream from a central server because you would be streaming 20 movies and that is not possible right now,” Hollywood Software Chief Executive David Gajda said.

Gajda founded Hollywood Software in 1997 as a service for movie theater owners and distributors for booking films and collecting box office receipts. He sold the business to Cinedigm Corp., in Los Angeles, in 2003 but bought it back last year with a group of investors.

Hollywood Software will relocate Digital Cinema’s operation from Santa Monica to the San Fernando Valley.

Terms of the deal were not announced.

By Business Journal staff