New Version Features Major Enhancements That Allow Exhibitors to Further Streamline Home Office Booking and Box Office Operations


Click Here to Set Up a DemoFebruary 12, 2015 – Woodland Hills-based Hollywood Software announced today that Classic Cinemas was the first exhibitor to implement Version 1.7 of its Exhibitor Management System (EMS) this January. The new version of EMS, which has been helping cinema exhibitors book and track film payables since 2001, features many business-driven enhancements and efficiencies that help to streamline bookings, optimize operations and increase productivity.

Version 1.7 of EMS features:

  • Numerous booking enhancements, including calendar functionality to aid in booking non-standard engagements (non-consecutive dates, early opens, alternative content)
  • Automated Box Office auditing
  • The ability to make circuit-wide updates to Box Office and Accruals
  • Performance enhancements
  • Many new optional reports, including a “Holdover by Buyer” report for communicating hold status, shared screens and non-standard openings to theatres

“Being a small, family-owned business, we are always looking for ways to streamline our processes,” said Chris Johnson, CEO, Classic Cinemas. “The features in this new version of EMS, especially the automated auditing and ability to mass update terms, are huge time-savers for our team. And whenever we have a question, the Hollywood Software team is highly responsive. The level of service under their new ownership is excellent.”

“Classic Cinemas is a fantastic partner and their team was great to work with on this new implementation of EMS,” said Kim Lockhart, Senior Vice President of Exhibitor Systems, Hollywood Software. “Our plan is to now upgrade every existing EMS client to version 1.7 so all of our home office users can take advantage of the software’s new efficiencies. We know our Exhibitor clients are under increased pressure to do more with less these days, and EMS’s automations, reporting capabilities and ability to update data circuit-wide with one or two clicks will help reduce the time it takes them to create, communicate and settle their film bookings each week.”

Hollywood Software will also be inviting all EMS clients to join them at CinemaCon this April to discuss the ever-changing nature of the exhibition business. “We are a client-focused software company,” added David Gajda, President, Hollywood Software. “The movie business is constantly evolving, therefore our software must quickly evolve with it.  We are looking forward to unveiling our new roadmap for the next evolution of EMS with our customer base and hearing what additional enhancements they are looking for within the product.”



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Classic Cinemas, based in Downers Grove, Illinois, is a family-owned business, run by Willis, Shirley and Chris Johnson. The company operates 13 theatres in 12 communities, including the historic Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove, the Lindo in Freeport, the York in Elmhurst, the Lake in Oak Park, the Woodstock in Woodstock and the Paramount in Kankakee. It has also modernized existing theatres and built exciting contemporary theatres, such as the Elk Grove in Elk Grove Village and its most recent project, the 6-screen North Riverside Luxury 6 in North Riverside. For more info, visit