Click Here to Set Up a DemoAugust 19, 2014 –Hollywood Software’s Enterprise Web gives circuit managers an over-the-shoulder look at operations inside all your theaters from one centralized website. “TurnKey” KDM Management has now been fully integrated with this service. It allows you to have just ONE staff member centrally title map features, manage KDMs and create trailer packs for ALL of your theaters at once, creating circuit-wide efficiencies.

Key Features
  • Secure web-based application for desktop or mobile.
  • Monitors and manages operational issues circuit-wide via “Save the Show.”
  • Evaluates the performance and execution of planned features, trailers and ads across your circuit.
  • Loads, matches and delivers keys to devices across your circuit within minutes.
  • Allows for centralized title mapping and content pack creation.
  • Creates efficiencies:
    • Monitor your entire circuit from one screen at the home office (or your home!).
    • Missing KDMs for a new film? Sort your KDM issues by distributor and make just one call for your entire circuit.
  • Eliminates redundant tasks:
    • One qualified staff member can title map and build trailer packs for your entire circuit at once.
    • Allows individual theater managers more time to focus on customers.
  • Gives unprecedented, centralized operational control:
    • Ingest and deliver KDMs without involvement from theater staff.
    • Have a last minute trailer change? Quickly update the pack in Enterprise and send it to all your theaters.
New Features
  • “TurnKey” KDM Management
    • Ingest, match and deliver keys to devices across your circuit within minutes via online upload or delivery to a central email address.
    • Have one staff member monitor key issues across all theaters and resolve with a single action.
    • Manage your auditorium allocation per site with reports on key expiration and availability.
  • Downloadable Trailer Performance Reports
    • Select a date range, studio(s) and the trailer(s) you want data on. Then download a performance report to PDF or Excel for sharing internally or with studio partners.
  • Downloadable Ad Performance Reports
    • Select a date range and the ad(s) you want data on. Then download a performance report to PDF or Excel for sharing internally or with ad partners.

For more information or to set up a demonstration, check out our Enterprise Web product page, HERE.



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